Farm to Fashion in Columbus, Ohio

Since moving to Columbus from New York in 2012, Celeste Malvar-Stewart has been collaborating with Ohio artisans, from laser artists to sheep farmers. There’s a heady mix of visionaries in the Ohio capital: Columbus, headquarters for Express, Victoria’s Secret, and Abercrombie & Fitch, is third in American fashion jobs behind New York and Los Angeles.

From comfy scarves to haute couture gowns, Malvar-Stewart envisions the entire sweep of what fiber can be. One moment she’s massaging clouds of virgin fleece into a gossamer wedding gown, the next deconstructing jeans and felting the spun threads into a men’s funky kilt.

No design is un-dreamable at the Malvar=Stewart label, and nothing goes to waste. She forages walnuts, madder and tansy for natural dyes, and recycles even stray threads and paper pattern scraps.

Malvar-Stewart syncs in sustainability with shepherdess Rachel Najjar at Fairie Haven Farm in Orient, a short drive south. In their Farm to Fashion day tour, travelers head to Fairie Haven to meet the sheep and relax over a farmstead meal.


Mellissa Miller