Pineapple + Orange Fabrics Rock Sustainable H&M Conscious Exclusive 2019 Collection

H&M’s latest Conscious Exclusive collection—its ninth so far —introduces three materials the brand is using for the first time: Piñatex, a leather alternative made from the cellulose fiber of pineapple leaves (which become waste after the fruit is harvested); Orange Fiber, a silklike fabric made from the peels of oranges at the end of the juice production cycle; and BLOOM Foam, a high-performance foam made from algae biomass, which “cleans the environment and reduces the risk of algal blooms while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels,” according to the company’s website.

According to the Conscious Exclusive collection press release, the new collection strikes a balance between glamour and innovation, with designs and colors that honor nature’s importance to our wellbeing. The H&M design team minerals, trees, and plants into jacquards and flowing printed fabrics. The color palette consists of lavender, sand, aqua blue, petrol blue, and coral pink along with black, gold and silver.

H&M is using these innovative materials and manufacturing practices with a long-term commitment to fully-sustainable practices.

“Looking forward, we definitely wish to be able to include and incorporate many of these fabrics into our broader fashion offering [beyond the Conscious Exclusive collection],” Johansson says. “We have set a goal that by 2030, all of H&M’s materials will come from sustainable sources, and we believe that this is possible.”


Mellissa Miller