Celeste Malvar-Stewart in "Cool Columbus"

“This is Gandalf. This is Nutmeg. This is Bart,” fashion designer Celeste Malvar-Stewart will say while showing off her fuzzy couture creations at her German Village Studio Hangar 391, where she specialized in gauzy gowns felted with wool from local sheep— Gandalf, Nutmeg, and Bart among them. During daylong “farm-to-fashion” excursions (available through Hangar 391’s website), attendees can meet Malvar-Stewart’s livestock collaborators at a nearby farm, have brunch, and then return to the designer’s studio for a scarf-making class. According to Malvar-Stewart, you end up wearing not only a one-of-a-kind muffler but a deeper “connection to the stuff you wear.” And that’s a step, she says, toward more thoughtful, sustainable living.


Mellissa Miller