Catwalk Call-to-Action: Jessica Minh Anh’s Sustainability Series

Global sustainable agenda, with a fashion edge, is the goal of Jessica Minh Anh, an outspoken producer of visually dynamic fashion shows as well as a renewable energy advocate.

“I wanted to highlight the importance of sustainability through artistic and cinematic captures,” said Minh Anh, who produces a series of conversation-starting catwalk experiences in a handful of the world’s most notable landmarks, (including the Eiffel Tower and Seine River in Paris, the Hoover Dam and a New York City skyline show a few years prior).

For eight years, she has combined art, architecture, culture, fashion and technology through her productions, receiving special recognition to “bring a positive image” to One World Trade Center, six months before it was officially opened. Hope and freedom are two goals accomplished through Minh Anh’s charisma and willingness to explore.


Mellissa Miller